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What is Patriocentricity?

Patriocentricity ~

* Taken from the Latin and Greek root word "patr" meaning father and the word "centric" meaning "situated at or near the center."

* The term was specifically coined to describe the philosophy of family life promoted within some extreme Christian and Reformed homeschooling communities that teaches that God gives a "calling" in life to only men, specifically fathers, and that the purpose of the wife and children is to fulfill the father's calling.

* Those who embrace this position believe that it changes only when a son assumes his own household responsibilities by taking a wife or a daughter is given in marriage when she can then leave her father's home, her new purpose being to fulfill the calling of her husband.

* Though there are varying degrees of this taught within different groups, the father is sometimes described as the "prophet, priest, and king" of the home and there are other common ideals that often accompany patriocentricity, such as militant fecundity, family integrated church, neo-feudalism, as well as neo-agrarianism.

- Karen Campbell, thatmom


  1. My sister alerted me to this movement as did an article a few months ago in the New York Times. After reading about it, I had a question. What do these groups think about people like me?
    You'd think that all Christian women were married with children... as if there were no other women, that a single or a divorced Christian women, who may have had a very good reason for the divorce, doesn't exist at all. Some of us exciting careers, some even have ministries of sorts, and we may have good lives in fellowship with God. Single women, who don't have children and who are not of college age, often feel so marginalized by churches that they stop going.

  2. Right on! The second point is especially helpful to me in defining what the belief really is and why it is hurting so many people.

  3. You might be interested in this Christian Forum....



  4. A facebook friend linked to this site, and as an egalitarian Evangelical male I'm glad to see it here. I some time back did a book review of a "quiverful" couple's anti-birth control stance. It may or may not be helpful in further critiquing this perspective.


    The book's writers, by the way, did contact me later to let me know they'd abandoned their quiverful stance. So it does happen...

    Jon Trott / Chicago / Jesus People USA

  5. I would also note another great Evangelical resource involved in empowering women -- Christians for Biblical Equality. See http://www.cbeinternational.org for more info. They've got a blog as well, called "The Scroll", link on their home page. I think you'd find quite a bit of help with your book on Quiverful there.

  6. I wish you joy and continued healing on your journey, Hillary.

    I have never understood why believers in Reformed theology (one of the central tenets of which is the priesthood of every believer) flatly contradict that foundational tenet by insisting that women need another intermediary besides Christ. The Scriptures say we are all "a kingdom of priests," and "a royal priesthood, a holy nation." Nothing is every said about "a kingdom of priests and their women."

    Blessings on you!


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