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For the Journey

These are some of the resources that proved invaluable along my journey. Although I may not agree with everything within these books or websites, they have been used by the Lord in myriad ways. Please use discernment and weigh what you read according to Scripture and the revealed heart of God, and may you find something here that will continue to help bring you to wholeness.


The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse
by David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen

Websites and Blogs

Overcoming Botkin Syndrome
Cindy Kunsman's exhaustive resource regarding
patriocentric family relationships.

study in brown
Tonia's grace-filled approach to parenting and life.

real encouragement for real homeschooling moms

Karen Campbell's gracious reflections on motherhood
and homeschooling. Don't miss her fantastic podcast series
on patriarchy and patriocentricity . . .
The Patriarchy Series

Freedom of Mind
Excellent resource for discovering the elements of
mind control and recognizing the hallmarks
of aberrant religious groups.

Spiritwatch Ministries
Excellent information regarding mind control
and spiritual abuse.

Under Much Grace
Cindy Kunsman, RN, BSN, MMin, ND, presents a wealth
of information regarding spiritual abuse, cults, and mind control.

adventures in mercy

becoming…and becoming again…

Blogger Molly writes lively and vivid accounts from leaving a
patriocentric and abusive lifestyle. Check the archives
for many excellent posts and thought-provoking comment threads.


Fear and Guilt: Recovering From Performance-Based Relationships

Toxic Shame **not a Christian resource; read with discernment**

Addressing the Legalist

Ten Mind Control Distinctives

Warning Signs

Articles on Cults

The Signs of Spiritual Abuse

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  1. Ha. I just stopped in to see what you were up to, found your great list and was writing one of the book titles down to get when I saw my blog. lol... Thanks. ((hugs)) Hope all is well.


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