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"An End to Guilt" — Featured Article

Do you wake up and apologize for living? Do you struggle with guilt, shame, self-condemnation? This article will help you discover the truth of God's love.
An End to Guilt by Gregory Reid

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  1. how crazy: i helped my "friend"
    who ended up moving to texas after me: from philly:
    who i am guessing became a christian
    thru myf am and i?
    as we met when i was living in a strange halfway house in south jersey:
    i did let her lvie with my self and folks for a brief stint on east coast:
    then when she was in philly she joined the philly church of god or was recruited: thinking they were cool.
    then as i heard how the would act i knew immediately it was weird and had to help her respond to their fonecalls/ in philly
    and eventually even confront them at her house
    and basically say leave her alone for good : forever you are not excersicing the true love of God and i was able to quote much scruipture at that time [iwas in college and a loner] and was able to get to the heart of the matter of why they themselves were having to become more hostile and not as friendly in the beginning with my friend.
    ironically enuff: years later in this "state" of the country"
    my friend would treat me like crap.
    i am overwhelmed: yet not wanting to cry victim.
    i am so confused.
    why i had discernment for others? and not myself???


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