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A Different Perpective: She is No Longer Quivering

Over a few short months, a mother of seven from Nebraska has made headlines as she abandoned her Quiverfull life, launched a website and message board, inspired a play, and started writing a book based upon her experience. Scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the Joy Behar Show, Vyckie Garrison of No Longer Quivering is hosting a fun event November 1-4 designed to foster community and garner awareness of some of the painful aspects of fundamentalism. Featuring around-the-clock, live NLQ chat, this would be an excellent opportunity for any of you with questions or thoughts regarding Vyckie's experience as a Quiverfull mom, or to share your own! Stay for fun activities, games, and lots of cool prizes.

Please be aware that many of the viewpoints expressed on NLQ may or may not reflect those of Quivering Daughters. I believe that it is important to understand as many perspectives as possible, and to see the abundant, varying effects a Quiverfull message can have on others within our culture.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts here, as well! :-)


  1. I believe the interview is tonight, and it should be interesting huh?


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