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Saturday Evening Blog Post at Elizabeth Esther's!

Need inspiration? Hop over to Elizabeth Esther's blog "Kids, Twins, and Laundry Bins" for a wealth of lovely links. I chose to highlight my recent post "Quiverfull Daughters—Little Mothers, Little Sisters" since I am planning a short series on the topicand I added a poignant bit from my journal as a young teenager to illustrate the feelings of stress and exhaustion inherent on daughters within a Quiverfull family. Check it out!

Elizabeth is a wife, mother, and author with a spunky sense of humor and lots of energy. You will love her!


  1. I visit your blog on rare occassions, but I usually don't commit.

    However, there is a blog post that I think you might be interested in reading entitled, "Biblical Marriage = Military Style Chain of Command?" which can be found at: http://terrysoapbox.blogspot.com.

    It focuses on some of the things that you talk about regarding patriarchy. The comments are respectable as well.

    I just thought that you would like to read that others also think and feel similar to yourself.

    Take care, and may God's Holy Spirit continue to give you strength, and guide you in this "crazy" journey called life.


    Your Sister In Christ

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