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Aside from God and my husband, the best gifts I've ever received have been from my mom and dad. There is so much I appreciate from the sacrifices they made for us, from the life we lived. Obviously, the scope of Quivering Daughters encompasses many controversial, painful, and largely unaddressed elements of a deeply conservative life and their effects on women.* This doesn't mean that every feature, in and of itself, is negative or generates negative ramifications ~ but the daughters of patriarchy find little Bible-based encouragement for the struggles they face. As God laid on my heart to write, study, and delve into these matters, I sorrowed to discover that the depth of these things is much worse than I expected. Therefore, it may appear that all we ever discuss on Quivering Daughters is the "bad stuff"; and while I believe it's essential to raise awareness and search the Scriptures regarding these things, today I want to step aside for a few moments and muse upon the good.

For there is much good. 
There is so much for which I give thanks,
which lifts my heart to God with praise.

Stories of Thanksgiving

Special note: I hope that you will leave your own stories of thanksgiving in the comments, so that I and others can rejoice with you!


~ trees to climb in, a forest to hide in, fields to get lost in, a creek to splash in, a garden to plant in, arms to hug in.

~ my first-ever sewing kit, and after I deemed my first-ever floppy dolly too ugly to survive, my mom fished her and her pink-crayoned cheeks out of the trash and tucked her away in that "special drawer" moms always have.

~ They gave me a family. They gave me each and every one of my ten sisters and brothers, who became new heads to kiss, new fingers to curl around my own, new little warm bodies to nestle in my arms . . . and who amaze me with sharp, creative minds, generous hearts, quick wits, forgiving spirits, welcoming, happy faces.

~ a real, live, adult Bible for my 7th birthday, with a leather cover, soft satin ribbon marker, and words of Christ in red. That Bible I've carefully packed away, for it is loose-leaf now, and almost every page is colored, underlined, noted, and fingermarked by an eager child. I think I almost cried when I realized I needed to get a new one, after years and years of love. There is something so friendly, so familiar, so comforting about the words which grew up with me, even as binding faded and the brilliant gold letters slowly flaked off.

~ rich knowledge of Scripture. After the near-mental-breakdown I experienced and the necessity to stop everything for a time, the word was waiting, living and powerful. What a blessing for which I am eternally, humbly grateful, for had I not this foundation, to start from "scratch" would have overwhelmed me completely.

~ life. As full moon coated earth with silver,
firstborn drew firstbreath.
~ Ahh, now this, this I think is the best thing EVER, and from my dad when I was 12 . . . to him I owe a thousand-thousand thanks for my first journal. That wonderful black book with its pristine white pages begging to be filled ~ it might as well been handed to me from God Himself. If I could offer praise for only one thing, ever, it would be to my father for this journal. His sister gave it to him when he was 16, he told me. And he'd carried it, for years and years. And something told him the Holy Spirit prompted him to give it to me. For God knew that journaling would essentially save my life.

~This one makes me smile. I don't think my parents ever knew, but when I was a teenager and Focus on the Family became heavily involved with True Love Waits, I wanted desperately to have the "key to my heart" ring and identify with the campaign. I tried to hint, I think . . . but to no avail. This thanks is two-fold: they did give me a ring I wanted. It made me think of Ireland; very celtic, this band, with a tourmaline stone and delicate knot work on the sides.  And I am thankful I never became swept away in the True Love Waits crusade. My true love did wait, but without the flair, without the drama, and without the austerity of a "movement".

~ in similar vein, neither did we subscribe to the teachings of Gothard. I give praise for this, for my parents saw wisdom in refraining from the legalistic nature of his training.

~ my parents gave their lives. Wholeheartedly. They believe strongly and live unwaveringly. No sacrifice is too great for the convictions they hold close, and they demonstrate this everyday.

~ freshly-squeezed lemonade from my mom after hard work in the sun. Just for me. I'm sure you can imagine the implications of this.

~ home-education. I so appreciate learning at home in an environment tailored to the pace I needed. And what fun, to crack open those fresh new books from Rod and Staff! It didn't hurt, either, that we were "done with school" hours before "real school" was through for the day.

~ encouragement: a dress form upon completion of my home education. A capo, when I [unsuccessfully] attempted to learn to play guitar. And mom's words when I, overwhelmed from feeling I wasn't the kind daughter they wanted: "At least you love the Lord," she said. "That's what's important." And ohhhh . . . I do. So very, very much.

Thank you for introducing us.


*I write about and for women because I am a woman, not because these things aren't equally as devastating on men.


  1. Oh, how I can identify with you! I, too, dearly love my parents and am very grateful for the many wonderful things they have done for me.

    ~They taught me to love work; to love the feeling of a job well done.

    ~They taught me that God is the most important part of life.

    ~They taught me by example not to draw a line in the sand with God and say, "I'll go this far, but no farther." They have continued to grow and change and become more like Christ. They taught me to never stop growing.

    ~They shared everything they had with me. It may not have been much, but we children were welcome to it.

    ~They instilled huge amounts of Bible knowledge in us, and they learned right alongside us. We searched the Scripture together.

    ~They taught me self-sacrifice and a servant's heart. These things still win me friends everywhere I go.

    There are many more, but these are a few of my favorites.

  2. I love your list, Hillary. I hope my kids also remember the blessings we shared although I never quite got my act together as a home-school mom. What's funny is that when I compare my kids' childhood to my public-school childhood, there are more similarities than differences. The Lord was there for all of us, and He still is. Oh, and some of the everyday blessings? Books everywhere, gardens, cats, friends young and old, "mud cities" in the back yard, music, make-believe...

  3. The best gift my parents gave me (besides raising me in the Lord) was my passion for music. Well, really, God gave me that, but my parents cultivated it. When I was a fiery 2 yr old who threw scissors across the room when they wouldn't cut just right, a wise woman told my mom to put me in piano lessons. Said it would teach me self-control and self-discipline. I'm not sure it did that, but it opened a world to me more beautiful than any I could imagine. Music literally saved my life. When they recognized that I had a special gift, they sacrificed so much to keep me in those lessons, even when we were dirt poor. I can never repay them for the lifetime of joy my music has given me and countless others.


  4. Awww! Thank you for sharing your lists!! They are lovely!

    Sharon ~ nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment!! I know exactly what you mean about a job well done.

    Meg ~ {hugs} Everyday Blessings ~ Beautiful truth. We are blessed, even in the mundane. Yet your everyday sounds so much fun! I want a mud city! :-)

    Darcy ~ wow! And music is one of those gifts that keeps giving. I'd love to hear you play. I miss the piano too ~ I never knew "how" to play but it was very therapeutic to fumble around. :-P

  5. Beautiful... Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This is nice and thoughtful and a good thing to be able to appreciate your parents even when we have questions
    and may live our Christian lives differently-
    -hope the folks can also give thanks for you///

    cornelia seigneur

  7. I know that this post is old, but I just wanted to say how great it is. The other day one of my brothers suggested that it may be very important for each of us siblings to remember positive things about our childhood for each other. Otherwise we will be sitting around in our 50s-70s and only remember the very bad things about such a childhood. Gratitude is always good, especially when it is mixed with realistic memories. Thank you.

  8. {{Thank you, Rae.}} I'm glad you found it, tucked into the archives! It's one of my personal favorite posts. God bless you!


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