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A Virtual Party with Elizabeth!

Are you lonely for new friends, inspirational reading, and encouragement? Once again Elizabeth Esther is hosting her Saturday Evening Blog Post. (And yes, it is Sunday as I write this. I am woefully behind ~ and WHERE oh where has November gone?!!?) Please visit her virtual home to share a link from your own November archives, meet new kindred spirits, challenge your thinking, and become uplifted by others making their way along the path of life. I chose to link my Praise post because it is so important to remember the good things, the lovely things, the things worthy of praise, and to give thanks for all. Have a lovely weekend!! :-)

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  1. hello--this is wen from you will rise again--was stopping in to let you know i was splitting my spiritual abuse blogs--one is going to be strickly awareness and the other will be more personal experiences--feel free to check them out--thanks you are an inspiration
    http://www.youwillriseagain.wordpress.com/ (awareness)

    http://www.youwillriseagain2.wordpress.com/ (personal experiences)


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