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Take Heart

I've been spending 12 and 18 hour days on my book, Quivering Daughters, and I am happy to report I have a very loving, supportive husband! :-) I'm really excited about my progress and grateful for all of you who continue to check in. I have a couple guest posts coming so be sure to visit again soon!

In other news, No Longer Quivering is hosting a blog-a-thon to help raise awareness for the Take Heart Project, a non-profit organization whose mission statement is "to provide support to women and children who are escaping abusive religious movements, and to provide the public with accurate, compassionate information on the unique challenges faced by the spiritually abused." If you're interested in reading more of Vyckie's experience, please view No Longer Quivering.

As quivering daughters, we all have memories that stick out in our minds ~ words, experiences, even times we were punished unfairly, accused, shamed. One young woman, at 20 years of age, was told by her mother, "If I miscarry after all the stress you've caused us, it will be your fault." These words deeply wound. Left buried in the bones of our soul, they become dark, aching shadows that are carried throughout life and affect what we think, believe, and feel. Ultimately, they can color the way we see God and become stumbling blocks to healing, to truth.

Do you hide words, memories? Are there painful places that beg to be released, brought to light? Let me encourage you to find someone you trust, and tell them. Write them into a journal, and pray that God will replace those scars with grace. Feel free to share anonymously here, or to email if you like. I long for you to rejoice with the freedom that comes through truth!

May God bless you, friends and sisters.

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  1. I can't wait to read your book so you take as much time as you need to do this! I'm so proud of you!


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