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Saturday Evening Blog Post | "Best of 2009"

I hope your fingers are curled around a fresh mug of steaming Sumatra because you are in for a treat! Elizabeth Esther, who hosts The Saturday Evening Blog Post on the first Saturday of every month, has graciously invited her readers to choose their favorite blog post from 2009 and submit it to her virtual party! Please visit her blog "Kids, Twins, and Laundry Bins" for an enormous bouquet of inspirational reading from this past year, and enter a beloved post of your own!

I chose "The Myth of Normal."  Many times when we discuss Quiverfull issues or fundamentalism, we think of those who wear dresses only, or headcoverings, or those who never go to college, or who live on a farm. Of course sometimes these apply, but what about those of us who look more mainstream? Those of us not raised as extreme as the ones we hear about? We face many of the same grave emotional and spiritual issues, but don't know why, and feel guilty because "we don't have it as bad as she does." If this sounds familiar, I hope this post encourages you. You might also like: "The Curse of Eve: When Free Will Isn't Free."

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