Hello! Welcome to the Quivering Daughters website. Please note that this site is no longer being updated with new material but I hope you find the archives helpful. God bless you.

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I'm going to be realllllly scarce over the next several days / weeks ~ if you have time, please keep my editor and me in your prayers as we are getting down to the wire with Quivering Daughters. Thank you so much!!!

Here are a few articles that have deeply impressed me recently, and . . . 
. . . left me breathless. It was Raining.
  . . . left me thoughtful. Poison for my Marriage.
. . . revealed a father's discovery. Leaving a Path.
. . . reminded me what is the beginning of wisdom. The Cure of Fear: The Practice of the Present. 
. . . left me rejoicing in her dawning of grace. In Which I have an Epiphany.

What has impressed you lately?


  1. You give so much!!! I pray for you in finishing this book. I pray the Lord covers you with Himself!

  2. Cannot wait to read the book...thanks for all you've done for the abused


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