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For Quiverfull or Homeschooling Moms

When the Lord first placed Quivering Daughters on my heart, it troubled me that Quiverfull, homeschooling, or other conservative mothers might take offense to the idea that a dearly held lifestyle or belief system might be considered hurtful, in any way, to their daughters. While these beloved girls are not exclusively my audience (see: FAQ), I recognize that when mothers genuinely desire to live in a manner pleasing to the Lord and which glorifies Him in their homes, anytime someone addresses issues that implicate them, it's hard. 

For this reason, I am deeply thankful for Christian women who heed the Lord's call to minister to these dear mothers. While He has laid my path before me, tailoring my steps primarily to struggling, weary, hurting daughters of patriarchy, He's also provided similar paths to others who passionately encourage and minister to moms along the way. I'd love to introduce some of them, and if you know of others who bless, gently challenge, and inspire you, please leave them in the comments!

First, meet Karen Campbell of That Mom ~ Real Encouragement for Real Homeschool Moms. Her series Grace in Parenting is an excellent place to begin getting to know her and her heart for mothers.

Next, Taunya Henderson from Grace-full Living shares her journey from legalism to grace. As a homeschooling mom, she is passionate about truth and Jesus. 

Speaking of grace, one of my favorite writers, Ann Voskamp, shares her life as a gentle homeschooling mama of six.  She is a gift who gives gifts, abundantly, through inspirational whisperings and offerings on her site A Holy Experience.   Quite poignant for Mother's Day, please view A 10 Point Manifesto for Joyful Mothering.

Are you tired, weary, and frustrated? Mom of many ~ 10, to be precise ~ Virginia Knowles shares encouragement on her blog, Come, Weary Moms!

I hope that these lovely women bless you as you seek to follow Jesus in your parenting. As I continue to embrace the work that God has laid before me, you are cherished in my heart ~ especially because of the deep love I have for my own mom. May our heavenly Father shower you with wisdom and grace as you continue seeking Him within your family.

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