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Friendly Friday

Follow Jesus! That is my mantra. To be honest, I wince a little using the oh-so-self-aggrandizing term supplied by Google ~ "followers." And yet, those of you in the blogworld who regularly keep up with my articles here, or who write things in your own spaces that inspire, challenge, and encourage me...I am so blessed by you! And I want to honor you and others whose words have made an impact on me throughout the week. So to keep things simple and to show those whom I follow, or those who follow or link to this blog my appreciation, Fridays at Quivering Daughters will be dedicated to these friends.

I am always inspired by Kelly Langner Sauer's blog, "A Restless Heart." She infuses words with longing and serenity while her lens captures moments I want to climb into and remain for a while. Every nook within her space is lovely, but visit her recent post featuring a poem for her husband, entitled "Love Does". 

Shadowspring reminds parents to "Show, Don't Tell" when it comes to communicating faith to their children, especially through education.

I've poured over the photography at  My Pinecraft World lately because not only is her work exquisite, but because, in many ways, it's so familiar. We did not grow up Mennonite, but we attended a Mennonite church for a short time when I was very young and used Rod and Staff curriculum for our schooling. The little girls could be my sisters, at least as I remember them from so long ago. *tear*

holy experience

It's likely that I will feature Ann many times because she always speaks to my heart. As an artist and writer and perfectionist, I torment myself sometimes wondering if I've given my best, my all. If I've communicated what God wants me to say. If He would look at me and ever say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." That's actually been a silent plea of mine for all of my life. Thanks to my dear friend who sent me this link from A Holy Experience.

I always love to meet new friends and discover new spaces for thought and contemplation! Please add your own favorites in the comments so that I can check them out this week.


  1. Love is beauty is love is art is love is God is Jesus Christ.

    My link doesn't deserve space with Kelly and Ann.

    My heart is full of good things now, because my sister's were bold to put their art online. Thank you, Kelly and Ann.

    (Words are my greatest love! The Living Word captivates my heart. The photography is beautiful too, and is also precious art that touches souls. I'm just preoccupied with words, myself...)

  2. Oooo, I can't wait to go and visit these sites. I'm finally getting back into things. And I already know Ann's page, a fan too. Take care. I'll be back, often. :)

  3. What a beautiful bunch of blogs you've highlighted, Hillary. And I'm beginning to recognize names from some of my other favorite grace-filled spots in the blogosphere. I love to find connections like these. :)

  4. I love your blog! It's so peaceful, refreshing, full of the Lord Jesus, creative and so giving! You give so much of yourself. thnx! you make it look so easy.

  5. I love Ann Voskamp as well! Other faves: http://pleasantviewschoolhouse.blogspot.com (she unfortunately decided to retire) and a variety of photography blogs. My own is a work in process - story of a redeemed daughter struggling to hang on to the shreds left of my faith after battling heart disease and cancer myself and a life-threatening illness in my daughter. Shreds they are - but precious ones. Thanks for your blog! Quiverfull is big in our church and I need to become more familiar with it. My gut reaction is - "are you nuts??!!" But I should probably be more informed than that!


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