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Grace Before our Eyes

Grace is catching. *Smiles with joy.* Those of you following this Journey to Grace might be interested in the “31 Days of Grace” happening now at Chatting in the Sky. Emily posted this clip recently which still brings me to tears. Here is a touching visual example of grace from the movie Les Miserables . . .

At Quivering Daughters, we share our journeys to grace on Fridays. Do you have grace-clips from your own life? Please insert direct links to your post using the link below and leave a comment so that others may follow along and share with you . . .

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  1. Dear Hillary,

    Thank you for your gentle reminders of grace. I love Les Miserable, one of my favorite classic grace stories! But I had forgotten about it. Thank you! Another favorite, The Count of Monte Cristo. Check that one out too. :)

    Have a great weekend, happy unpacking!

    Grace to You All Weekend,


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