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Hello, Friends

by Hillary McFarland

My friends, the Jealous One calls me to real-life-living.
      Writing about these serious topics on Quivering Daughters is a bittersweet offering to my Lord Jesus Christ. I started this blog and wrote my book in response to a calling God laid on my heart in November 2008: to share His healing message of grace to women wounded emotionally and spiritually from an authoritarian, conservative upbringing, particularly from within the Christian homeschooling movement.
     While penning these pages, both online and off, the prayer of my heart has always been to present truth with love and grace. Although these subjects are sensitive and controversial, I hope that I have done so in a manner that pleases my Heavenly Father and helps encourage, comfort, and inform both quivering daughters, and those who love them.
light in darkness | copyright 2010 Hillary McFarland
     Two years have passed. It is nearly November 2010, and I need to step back from the momentum that this website has maintained. I still plan to write as the Lord leads and will continue to share space with contributing authors, but right now He is leading me to other places and personal responsibilities. This includes projects that bring me closer to my readers, both online and in-real-life.
     It may be a simple semantic, but instead of writing about grace, I need to be grace-with-skin. Instead of writing about spiritual or emotional abuse, right now I need to be more involved with those the Lord brings into my life seeking comfort, recovery and help from a lifetime of it...as well as other things that God  places in my path.
     But this also means that I still want to hear from you! Always feel free to email me at hillary(at)quiveringdaughters(dot)com. (Address adjusted for human eyes.) I can also be found here on occasion, as well as other spaces from time to time. I hope that you will use this website as a resource site and will visit as often as you need, for although I am slowing the pace, I am not walking away. As they say in the blogosphere, I will be blogging without obligation. 
     Thank you for your grace as I seek to live in red.
     May Emmanuel heal the broken, give sight to the sightless, bring life to dead, and set captives free.


  1. Hillary, God bless you in your new direction. I've had a similar redirection from the Lord lately. It is always bittersweet.

  2. I agree, Angela. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Good for you, girl. Do you what you feel the Lord is leading you to do without any guilt! Love ya!

  4. Dear Hillary,

    Thank you for this safe place. Thank you for your courage, and your grace. I'm excited for you! For whatever this new direction will bring! Well done, sister-friend.

    Many blessings,

  5. I TOTally understand. Blessings to you.

  6. It's absolutely amazing what you have accomplished through God's previous call on your heart, and I am sure that many more incredible outcomes will follow this one. Love you!

  7. Good news that Hillary will be busy about her father's business! =) Enjoy the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit as you get involved with the kingdom skin to skin more and word to computer screen less. It's all His. =D

  8. I'm glad that you are receptive to the Spirit. Many would continue to live through the momentum of success, enjoying the attention, without regard for what *should* be happening.

    Take care, Hillary. Will you keep us updated on your projects?

  9. I am overwhelmed at your kindness! Thank all of you for your love and support... and understanding.

    Sheena, feel free to email or message me your address! :)

  10. Hi Hillary,

    I found a link to your website from another website (Emerging From Broken) and I have to say that almost everything you say on this website rings a bell in me. I grew up in a very "spiritual" home, very authoritative, and it was extremely mentally, emotionally, and spiritually abusive. And ultimately, physically abusive. My father's abuse of me and my 6 siblings was covered up with lies about how it was his place, and how we were to honor him and such. I am 23 now and married, and I've been so confused. Thank God for freedom. Thank God for an outside world. And for medical doctors, and good counselors, and good friends. I am now freed of that lifestyle, as are my siblings and mother. I cannot understand how any human being could hurt someone in such a way, but perhaps it is not for me to understand, but to carry on and help others like myself.

    Thank you so much for this website. I identify with almost all of it, and it is EXTREMELY refreshing to see that someone cared enough to take the time to write about these nicely, well hidden issues that are rarely talked about. I know God will bless your efforts, and that many will be blessed by you. Please don't stop writing. Your writings are so inspiring, validating, and hopeful. I can carry on feeling even more validated as a beautiful, and free daughter of God, knowing that what I went through was not just "in my imagination", and that it was as severe as others have been telling me. Thank you, so much, for sharing the truth.

  11. {{Mother Superior}} Blessings to you.

    Christina, I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. I don't anticipate completely ceasing altogether, but stepping back and slowing down to focus on other things the Lord is bringing into my life and impressing upon me, and things I need to take care of. Thankfully I am just one small voice among many...if you view my links above you will find more who also write about spiritual abuse and these subjects (I hope to add to my list as time allows). God bless you, and I am so thankful He has healed you, leads you beside still waters and restores your soul. Love in Christ,

  12. I love you, and am SO grateful that you followed the Lord's leading in this blog. If my friend had not stumbled across this blog I would not be safe now. <3 I owe so much to this blog, and I am so glad that you are once again following what Jesus is telling you!

  13. I'm excited for you as you continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life! I know that, whatever you are now focusing on, this will be a fruitful time for you. Your love, grace and words have brought new light and hope into my life - and I am just one of many.

    Much love to you, and I look forward to reading whatever you do write in the future! :)

  14. Thank you, Rachel! I will still write here, just not as frequently. Thanks for your support. :-)


  15. Just stopping by to offer my support, after reading Lewis' blog today about opposition to your book that has arisen on at least one Quiverfull blog.

    Don't let those who would downplay your story, get you down. You have attracted their attention because you have spoken up, speaking truth that is resonating with many people.

    May God hold you tightly in His grace.

    - krwordgazer

  16. praying for you, hillary, as GOD leads you and directs you in these new endeavors. i am always thankful to hear from you - and thankful to hear how GOD is working in the lives of women you are touching. HE will bless your path and you continue to submit your life to HIM!
    BLESSINGS sweet friend :)
    misty brown


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