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Learning to Drop the Rocks

“Grace is to receive what we do not deserve
Mercy is to not receive what we do deserve.”
—Jay DePoy

Last week I listened to the best message I've heard in years. It was presented by Jay DePoy and is not-so-coincidentally about grace, mercy, truth, and forgiveness. If you struggle to understand grace or simply want to understand it more fully, I encourage you to listen to Drop the Rocks, 9/19/10.  Jay's voice is fresh, honest, and humble; I think you will be exceedingly blessed through his sermon. If you have time, take notes and record your reflections as you listen. I'd love for you to add your thoughts in the comments here.

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  1. Wow...I really liked what he said about grace and truth.

  2. Thanks for posting this link. It's apparent that the pastor, Jay, knows what life without grace is like because he really understands it and communicates it now. Everything he said really resonated with me...gave me much to think about.

  3. You inspired me to repost my article "Truth and Grace in the Stories of Our Lives" on my current blog for your LinkyList. It's been on my old web site for a few years, but it still rings true and graceful in my life now.

  4. That was a fantastic message, the first sermon I've heard in... oh... probably four years that's given me something wonderful and life-giving to think about. My favorite point he made was about the order of things. First and foremost, we're not condemned. The how-to-live comes afterward and is an expression of the grace we're living in. Thanks for posting it.

  5. I have to agree! This is one of the best messages I have ever heard on the subject of grace and mercy.

    I am linking a post about my favorite story of grace and mercy from the Bible, The Prodigal Son.

    In the Baptist Taliban, 'prodigals' were judged, labeled, shunned and eventually excommunicated by their church and family, so instead of exercising 'grace', they performed what I have termed, "Prodigal Malpractice".

    What Jay said about such churches being more concerned about being 'right' than showing 'grace' is so true. But there is no one who can be 'right' enough to justify punishing another whose sin is seen, when the truth be known, the ones doing the judging might very well be guilty of far more....just not as visibly.

    Cindy@Baptist Taliban Memoirs

  6. I was very privileged to sit under Jerry Depoy and hear and see this sermon at his church a few years ago. He captivated the people with his passion and yet he felt so inadequate, always. The stage was set with a long mirror with a long red cross of tape down the middle of it, surrounded by rocks. Jerry carried a backpack of rocks on his back, that he would throw at the mirror to bring the message home~he did that with passion. Thanks for the link as I have longed to hear him preach again! God is good~

  7. P.S.~the red tape held the glass in the mirror for those of you who pictured this violent message. ~lol~

  8. jsevenup...I've had the privilege of speaking with him and he is truly a gifted man of God. He is so humble and full of the Spirit of the Lord...I look forward to seeing what God continues to do through his life.

  9. Glad you connected with him, he is a messenger that will no be silenced. :) You either!

  10. Hillary,

    I'm so humbled that you have included my voice in this conversation about grace and mercy! This message was dripping with conviction because I have been living with a pocket full of rocks for so long.

    I am still continuing to work out my salvation with fear and trembling, and it's comforting to know that there are so many of my brothers and sisters who are fellow, limping, pilgrims.

    Please pray for me as we consider the next chapter of ministry, including an inevitable return to the proclamation of His Story.

    Stay tuned...

    Your Friend,

    - Jay



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