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Bill Gothard and Patriarchy: Re-routed Feminism?

by E. Stephen Burnett

Many mysteries are revealed in human marriage.
I sort of knew that in theory even before my own, and of course have seen it even more in person. There’s that whole mystery of showing-Christ-and-His-Church, on which marriage is based (Ephesians 5). And of course, there’s the oft-discussed re-discovery of your own flaws.
But then came an even more stunning discernment: that many who’ve claimed to be meek and submissive wives, and who inform others of this in books and blogs, might be just the opposite.
It was while reading these kinds of blogs that my wife noticed this, and summoned me to see.
“Isn’t it strange,” she remarked, “that in all these websites about Keepers At This-and-Such and Titus 2 That-and-All, it’s the women who do most of the talking?”
And together we began to wonder: is this movement truly about “submission” anyway?

Life and Sparrows

by Hillary McFarland

“Remember, Miranda, ‘rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.’”
—From When Sparrows Fall, by Meg Moseley

Releasing May 3rd from Multnomah.
I haven't been writing as prolifically here at Quivering Daughters the past few months. Sometimes I click on my link and just stare, asking in silence,"Do You have anything for me, Lord?" And with my main topics, at least, there hasn't been much in the way of newness or inspiration. I remember when it wouldn't stop coming, flowing out, and I had dozens of sticky notes scattered across my desk with hasty phrases and references scrawled across so I wouldn't forget an idea or a point or something I believed God wanted me to share.
     Now these notes are few and far between. And as I click through my archives, I realize: I've said what I believe God has asked me to say, and I hope ~ pray ~ that He is glorified through words found here.  
     In November I shared how I want to be grace-with-skin and am desperately still learning how. In part this means continuing to pour myself out to Him and for Him as He calls. To immerse myself in community with others ~ writers and readers, online, in daily life, and wherever He leads. I love how the Lord continues to give beautiful, tender examples for me to follow through His own grace towards me!


By Eric M. Pazdziora

I have felt dirty and unworthy of a clean slate with God ever since my experience, ever since that meeting with Mrs. H---, this feeling has plagued me for years.... The struggle that has lingered from my TM days is guilt.

--Anna (on Recovering Alumni)

Everybody’s felt that.

You feel dirty.

You feel unclean.

You feel unworthy.

You feel guilty.

And all the religious people in the world decide they agree with you.

That’s the part that hurts the most, maybe.

For the Love of a Shepherd

I have loved you with an everlasting love
     therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.  
(Jeremiah 31:3b) 

Those recovering from spiritual abuse, authoritarianism and emotional manipulation often say they also need a break from God.
     Often, they do. 
    At least from the god they've known. But in a wild, heady, divine redemption, this rejection of an authoritarian god often becomes a heady step of faith ~ a move towards the One True.

With lovingkindness I have drawn you.

Saturday Evening Blog Post with Elizabeth Esther

Please visit Elizabeth Esther for a unique gathering of bloggers! This month she invites you to link your most poignant, your favorite, or most thought-provoking articles from January and December on her website. I've chosen The Secret Life of Grief from January and a fresh look at John the Baptist, Emmanuel, from December. A close third would have been When Parental Obedience Brings Rejection. I look forward to reading yours!

Faith Tangles

The words throb with aching, almost melting with unseen tears as I read them, again and again, in my email. Or on facebook. Is it too late? Is there hope? And sometimes they are angry, and accuse, leaking pain and regret and pride and humility and sometimes they are my own, broken, weak and frail. And hearts break, both sides, both those who ask and those who wait, longing to hear I love you.

No matter what. 

I don't know who you are, dear friend. I hear from many of you. We sin and are sinned against. We all have stories, some of joy but more of grief. I tremble with you and my heart sobs for the eternity placed within where there is no more dark, no more pain. When mortality is swallowed up by life. These tangles of humanness and faith, the where did we go wrong and where do we go from here and it's too late now and I'll never be what they need or want spill from every soul-crack and heart-fissure. We groan and labor, awaiting redemption.

God knows.

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You matter to Him. Your pain and heartache matter, your struggles and confusion matter. Whether you are a child or a parent, whether you are a friend or a sibling or a wife, husband, teacher or pastor, whether you are falsely accused or responsible ...

 ... you matter.
     You are loved.
     You are known.

And you aren't left helpless. Regardless of the hurts you've given or sustained, the mistakes you've made or the wounds you bear, whether you're allowed in or shut out, the Most High has not left you fatherless or barren. There is something you can do, no matter who you are or what responsibilities are yours. Where to begin? Paul gives us a hint in 1 Corinthians 13. And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; he says, but the greatest of these is love.

And now abide. Present. With us. Faith, hope, love ... the living out of endurance, of suffering long, of bearing all things, of not giving up. Rejoicing in truth and through it, recognizing where we stand now, today, and seek how to become more like Christ.

How would this look in your situation? Sometimes it requires humbling ourselves and asking forgiveness. Other times it means upholding truth when we've done no wrong. It could be honoring boundaries. Or respecting someone else's walk with the Lord, even when we don't understand or agree. 

Sometimes it means, simply, to watch and pray.

I watched a play recently with a message that can apply to all of us. Just click on the image below. Will you take the time to view it and then add your thoughts or share a link of your own?  I'd love to hear who you are and where you are in your journey, and anything you care to add.

Written by Dr. Jay Wile and hosted at www.drwile.com.