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Midday Connection Discusses Spiritual Abuse in the Home

A humble and courageous “quivering daughter” recently discussed the issue of spiritual abuse and oppression on Moody Radio's Midday Connection. You won't want to miss her story and testimony of God's healing. 

Personal note: I can't listen to this without tears.


  1. I just listened to this. Wow! What a wonderful work G-d has done in this young lady. And to think that YOUR book helped her a lot, Hillary!

    You are being used, dear heart, to reach hurting hearts.


  2. Finally had a chance to listen.
    Very good. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Fantastic. Praising God for Jessica's courage and for the healing that the radio program has potential to bring to other women! Praying for more opportunities for QDs to speak up!


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