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quiv - ver - ing

1.      The act or state of trembling. Implies fear and trembling.
2.      A twist on the word “Quiverfull.”
3.      Response to reverent fear of God.
4.      Response to authoritarianism.

daugh - ters

1.      Women created in the image of God.
2.      Women who are the offspring of God. 
3.      Women who are the offspring of parents.

Why “Quivering Daughters”? Who are the “daughters”?
“Quivering” is a word used to imply fear, as well as a twist on the term “Quiverfull,” although not all quivering daughters come from large families.
Many authoritarian families utilize forms of fear-based control to influence the behavior and performance of their offspring. On the other hand, we as Christians are to have a reverent fear of God. So it is a loaded title, but appropriate for this context. The “Daughters” are adult women who are 1) daughters of God 2) daughters of parents 3) wives 4) mothers 5) sisters. Hillary and any other contributors do not presume to address minors.