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Love Streaming

I am snuggly with my husband this Valentine's Day morning, warm coffee in hand and nibbling his special request: freshly baked Carrot muffins. My brain is mush this weekend. As I wrap up my book ~ for real! ~ doing some final tweaking in the next few days before I send it to my editor, I'm hit with an emotion I didn't expect . . . I'm almost sad! Not quite ~ but as I've spent the last year trying to turn pain into prose, wrap words around deep internal darkness, and listen to God's Spirit, Quivering Daughters is as much me as my very bones and skin.

And it is you, too.

I am in labor, and the time of fullness has come.

This is my first book so I don't know if this is normal or not. But despite nostalgia, I am so.so.so.so.so excited!! Look for it on Amazon in May! And sign up if you want advance notice. :-)

I hope all of you are having a lovely Love Day. Any special plans?


  1. I've never had anything published so I don't know first hand, but every woman author I've ever heard comment on it says the same thing: that sending off The Book is like giving birth. Long months of gestation, a short time of intense labor, and then you have to let it go. To be born into the world to live its own life out of your hands.

    Every woman grieves a little at the birth of a child that exists for all the children that it could have been but isn't. Now your book is The Book it is and you grieve all the books it might have been but isn't.

    And I hear that every book is born with the same attendant love and grief, not just the first. May you birth many more books through which you pass on your love and wisdom to us.

  2. Sandra ~ Thank you! You've captured perfectly how it feels and humbled me with your kind wishes. God bless you. Hugs!!

  3. hurrah, yippee!
    congrats on a job well done.

    you've birthed something this world needs.


    (been busy offline lately, hope to get back in touch with you soon. )

  4. I am SO SO excited for you!!!

  5. Marlana and Simplymerry ~ :D


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