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The Journey

by Elizabeth Wyse Cook

that wall is 13ft thick and is broken Pictures, Images and Photos
Iwish I could tell you the whole story of how God rescued me and healed me, but that would take at least ten posts. But I will say this. It was personal, intimate, and totally tailored to where I was each step of the way.  God kept bringing the right friend, the right book, the right message, the right quote, the right mentor, or whatever I needed at exactly the right time. 

So how did I get out of legalism?  Two words:  God & friends.

Who knew my desire for Him
Who patiently waited for me to be ready
Who came to me
Who gently shone His light into my cell
Who gave me genuine choices
Who smiled at me
Who loved me no matter what choice I made
Who spoke without speaking
Who held me close while I cried
Who showed me my heart
Who walked with me every step of the way
Who promised to help me tear down the walls
Who promised to help me clean up the toxic waste
Who helped create beauty where there had been darkness and chaos
Who has never given up on me

Who loved unconditionally
Who looked beyond the walls to see the real me
Who loved me even when I hid from them
Who listened and listened and listened
Who gave when I was afraid to receive
Who gently insisted that I receive
Who validated pain
Who gently reasoned against slavery
Who gave me courage
Who cheered at the smallest progress
Who recommended resources
Who told me the truth
Who taught me that friends are essential
Who were real, not perfect
Who taught me to see beauty

Road to Tarabithia Pictures, Images and Photos
I had a lot of fear when all of this started happening to me.  I knew that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.  I had no idea what God would uncover in my life.  I was afraid of pain, afraid of the unknown, afraid to lose control.  However, I decided to trust God and let Him open whatever areas He needed to.  He didn’t let me down; He was very gentle. 

And, yes, there has been pain as well.  Sometimes intense emotional pain.  But it was never without the compensation of joy, sometimes overwhelming joy.  I discovered that shutting out painful emotions also shuts out the positive ones.  So as I dealt with the negative emotions, the positive ones became free to express themselves again. 

This journey was not something that I accomplished.  There were many times that I knew some area needed change or healing.  At first, I would get frustrated and try to change it, but you can probably guess how well that worked.  Eventually, I started learning to just rest and trust.  To let Him work in His time.  There were times that I would say to Him, “God, I know this area of my life is not good.  Whenever you are ready to go there and clean it up, I am willing.”  Then I would refuse to feel guilty and just rest and be ready when He came. 

God isn’t done with me yet.  That is the beauty of a relationship with Him.  He never gives up on us!
Elizabeth is taking a small break with writing and will return in a few short weeks. Please continue checking back to read more of her unique perspective. You can contact her at elizabethwysecook(at)gmail(dot)com.  You may remember Eliza from this article by Sarah Posner.


  1. Excellent! I hope the girl Lewis has written about gets to see this. It brings to mind his post this week http://thecommandmentsofmen.blogspot.com/2011/04/only-advice-i-know-to-give.html You have really told the TRUTH and I hope MANY people in the P/QF mind-set get to take your journey and find the true Love of God and his forgiveness which is so wonderful.

  2. A wonderful post. One I relate to deeply. From a different kind of legalism path, but bound just the same.

    Our journey is done when we see the Savior face to face. Until then.....may mercy, grace, forgiveness and love be our Guide.

  3. This is such a wonderful series, Eliza. Your insights and the gentle, graceful way you write about legalistic experiences are a joy to read. I'm looking forward to the continuation!

  4. Hopewell, I also desire that many others will journey to healing. If even one person is able to begin that journey because of what I have written, I will feel well rewarded.

    Rebekah - Amen!!!

    Bethany, thank you for the encouragement. The next article is progressing very slowly as it is requiring me to heal more in order to be able to write it.

    Thank you, everyone, for grace and patience as I work through the things necessary to write the next article.

  5. Elizabeth, your words are balm to one who feels very confused by religion in general. I think you point to what God really is like, if he is there. Thank you for your healing words.

  6. Lutestring, may He reveal Himself to you as He did to me - full of unconditional love and acceptance. <3

  7. I very much relate to your journey out. It is not that disimilar to my own journey out of bondage. G-d and friends. Yep! He would bring the right thought, the right person, the right revelation...one step at a time...until I was ready to walk out that door...never to return.

    It was a process, though, as I was in bondages of which I was not even aware. I saw things, but had no idea why they were there...or of the things that ran deep in my amnesic subconscious...buried by programming.

    Yes, Abba was gentle...bringing me along as He knew best.


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