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Update (Updated 9 / 15!!)

 Update: Life is an adventure and as I mentioned here, sometimes I make plans and the Lord refines them for me. :-) In the past several days, I have had a schedule change, gone out of town, my husband's grandfather passed away, and numerous big and little events conspired against the deadline I gave myself. Perhaps in my zeal I spoke too hastily. This book has been commissioned from Him since the beginning, and the timing is in His hands. Thank you for understanding.

This is a very impromptu post today :-) . I am working feverishly on my book and hope and pray to be finished with writing within the next 6 to 8 weeks, Lord willing--then on to editing. I say that, knowing He has other plans sometimes. :-) I am also putting together a personal blog which will reflect a bit more personality, feature other topics, and not always address the heavy subjects found here on the Quivering Daughters blog.

My newsletter is in the works and you can always find me on Facebook. :-)

This book is very much a journey for me, complete with all of the joy and pain that comes from digging into wounds and exposing raw, deep places. Just today God re-shaped the ending into something that sent me to my face, weeping. My heartfelt desire is that all of my sisters in blood and spirit will know the absolute joy which comes from the power of God transforming heart and mind through His Spirit and truth! He heals, restores, and ministers in ways I never dreamed possible. No words can do justice to the beauty of His mercy, grace and love.

My posts may become a little more sporadic ;-) while I streamline my attention to this book. To all of my friends and readers--thank you for your patience. Thank all of you who have taken  time to send notes of encouragement and lift prayers to our Heavenly Father on my behalf and for this book. Although He has appointed me to carry, and to labor with these words, He is the breather and giver of life. May He be glorified.

I remain His handmaiden.


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading your book! Isn't God good to heal us? I've been going through another level of evaluation and working through my past. Difficult, but healing.

    God bless your writing!!!

  2. Thank you for letting God use you. You are sooo needed!

  3. you are so loved!
    Ora et Labora!
    <>< anika

  4. im looking forward to the book.


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