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Lies We Tell Ourselves About Abuse (And Other Things)

It has been a busy year for Quivering Daughters. I am humbled and overwhelmed by the responses, both public and private, to my book. I want to thank everyone who has contacted me, prayed for, and written to me, as well as all who have shown support and shared concerns. I pray that the Lord continues to use the message He laid on my heart for women for His glory, and humbly ask that you continue to pray both for those who read this book and for those who encounter or promote differing viewpoints. May the Lord be glorified and His name be praised!

While by no means exhaustive, I'd like to offer a couple quick mentions: much appreciation to Gina Dalfonzo from BreakPoint for her review published in Christianity Today. In addition, Internet Monk is hosting an open discussion about the issues raised in my book if you would like to participate. I'm also deeply thankful to Lanier for her review on YLCF this past March.

And finally, don't miss these truly insightful links:

Denial takes on many forms. It can look kind of like being a murderer in court, trying to convince the judge to let you off because you only killed one person, “At least I wasn’t a serial killer!” you protest. "I killed the guy with a gun, it’s not like I went after him with an axe!” The fact is, you are still a murderer, and you still have to deal with the repercussions of that.

Another example of this is sort of like the Pharisees’ prayer in the Bible where he prays, thanking God that he doesn’t have all the sins of other people all while completely ignoring his own sins. In this denial, you might say “I thank God that I wasn’t like those homeless children, at least I HAD parents. At least I am alive! I could have been one of those children who got killed by their parents, so I have it pretty good. I should be grateful.” You keep busy telling yourself what didn’t happen to you, so that you never have to face what actually did happen to you...
Please view "Lies We Tell Ourselves About Abuse" to read the article in its entirety. 

And a guest post on Darcy's Heart-Stirrings:
Letter to a Family Considering Joining ATI
May God bless you all.


  1. I just read Letter to a Family Consiering Joining ATI. Wow. That brought back a lot of memories. I had forgotten the oppression. I've come so far from that, thank God!

  2. It is definitely a pendulum ride... sometimes we have to tell the truth to face the truth (It WAS worse for X,Y,Z..than for me) all the way to, "I will never overcome what has been done to ONLY ME." Ah, for balance oh Lord!


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