Hello! Welcome to the Quivering Daughters website. Please note that this site is no longer being updated with new material but I hope you find the archives helpful. God bless you.

Blogging Break

My friends, it's time for me to take an indefinite break from active blogging while I spend the next season working on my book. There are a few key articles I'm writing that pertain to the scope of Quivering Daughters, as well as for The Quiverfull Daughter, so as I complete them, they will appear ~ but I must prioritize my focus to this book.

Please feel free to explore the archives, to comment, and to email ~ I truly appreciate your prayers and support, and it blesses me deeply to hear about your lives, your journeys, your struggles, thoughts, and experiences.

You may also keep up with me on Facebook while I'm between paragraphs. = )

Remember, as you seek recovery from the wounds of your past, that it is essential to acknowledge the truth of your pain for lasting healing to occur. Remaining in denial only postpones wholeness. Jesus is with you; take Him into the darkness and let His lovingkindness bring light, and life. His compassions fail not; they are new every morning.

May God sustain you; may His grace and love give you strength and serenity throughout this New Year. He is our healer!

In the shadow of His wings,

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