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Truth wrung from a heart of pain, melted in the crucible of life and guided by the Healer's hand, is a gift without measure.

A living mystery. 

A quivering daughter writes:

"If there was anything that I'd convey to other women and girls going through or coming out of similar circumstances [it would be] Truth. God's truth is NOT conditional, does not contradict itself. It is not based in hatred. Not based in fear. It convicts and draws our hearts, opening them further to God, not for inspection and criticism. Not so that it's precious contents can be judged, compared or ridiculed. But so that God the Father can have access to express His joy, compassion, care and concern. It's not something He takes from his daughters. There is not one part of God's character that demands.
 While our earthly father's may have misused or abused the power and authority over their daughters, that is not a part of God's character. He doesn't game play or pull the rug out from under us. He does not put us in compromising situations or laugh at us. He does not use our emotions against us. He treasures us, comforts us. Sees the pain and hurt and everything we lock away for safe keeping. He waits, knowing that relationship comes and is strengthened when we seek out His comfort ~ yet even while waiting, He makes known the comfort and protection that He wants to bestow on us. Even while we are in the midst of horrifying situations, the truth of our Father is there, contradicting the experiences we've had at the hands of our earthly fathers."

May you be filled with the healing truth of our Heavenly Father.

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(Yes, I'm still on break, but I had to post this today.)

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  1. Thank you. After a lifetime of criticism and never measuring up, it's hard to picture God as any different. I mean I know He is, but I needed to hear this today.


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