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Friendly Friday

Y es, I realize it's late today. :-) This week has been very busy for me and I'm thrilled that many of my readers have already received their books!  For those of you waiting for emails, I'm hoping to get caught up very soon; thanks for your patience with me. 
     For today's Friendly Friday, I'd like to share those who have supported this book with much anticipation and excitement! In order of appearance: 
  • Meg Moseley, whose novel about a woman’s battle to break free from a cultic group releases next year, wrote a touching announcement entitled "Freedom for Quivering Daughters". Meg's beautiful endorsement of this work is a treasure.
  • Cindy Kunsman's "First Entry in My Quivering Daughter's Diary" made me cry, too. I am so pleased that she wrote the Afterword to my book, and her reflections after reading the finished work are especially tender for me.
  • Karen Campbell has posted "Quivering Daughters Hot Off the Press" and will be holding a giveaway in a few weeks during her upcoming Patriarchy Two podcast series. Karen is one of the very first people I interacted with online who showed interest in this book, and I am so honored that she also has written a lovely recommendation.
The past few days have been very surreal for me. I hope to write about some of this soon, but for now I'd like to say only: thank you for all of the encouragement, the prayers, the emails and messages, and the support I've received over the last year and a half of research, writing, and exploring the issues of authoritarianism, patriocentricity, and spiritual and emotional abuse. It means more to me than I can even express. With tears and humility I continue to fall before our Abba, Father, and daily ask Him to bless these words and those who read them; that His Spirit is present even within these pages and will, through them, bring comfort and hope to His precious daughters. 

In His Service,


  1. I'm so happy for you, Hillary, and I'm happy for the readers who will discover God's grace in your book. It's on every page.

  2. Hillary, thank you for your kind words.

    Today, I find my mind reflecting back on certain things from the book, primarily two things:

    1.) Just inside the book cover on the first page with prose, I find Meg Moseley's comments "haunting" when she states that the QF movement is "sometimes as harmful as it is sincere."

    Meg points out gracefully and so succintly the difficult nature of the subject which sometimes seems unavoidably painful if not emotionally threatening for both daughter and parent in so many ways. How do you do justice to those who have been harmed while honoring the sincerity of the good intentions of parents who unknowingly wound the hearts of those they seek to love and nurture???

    You've undertaken the effort in order to help so many sisters, embarking upon the risky quest to find the answer to this question for their benefit. The greatest minds in human history have pondered easier paradoxes -- paradoxes that are far less personal. I am overwhelmed with the *mercy* that shines through for me when I read what you've written with such loving empathy and grace. I pray that many others will find such to be true as well.

    2.) In your introduction, you state, "In obedience to His will for me, I've written the book I wish was available over ten years ago -- not that the content itself is exhaustive or that I am worthy to write it, but because the body of Christ is too silent and perhaps somewhat uniformed regarding these issues."

    I can see where this text appears on the very page in the book, as the words burned the image of it into my memory, glowing at me in my mind as I go through my day today. I also wish that your book and this website had been available for me when I exited my own problematic group a dozen or so years ago.

    Your words glowed all the more for me when Jocelyn Andersen's latest book arrived in my mailbox this afternoon, so soon after I quoted her my blog post about "Quivering Daughters" just yesterday -- the post that you mention here. As I've prayed so many times in my own right concerning my own efforts, I'd much rather that God had placed a more pleasant cup before me.

    {{{tears and hugs}}}

    I'm so glad that you've engaged in this effort with such valor to stand in the gap for so many without an advocate and witness. I am even more overjoyed that you have been the one to do it. I am humbled and undone to have been a small part of all you've done.

    May you be richly blessed, and may many be freed from heartbreak and bondage, journeying back to wholeness and God's heart of sweet tender grace. Amen, amen, and amen.

    ..with yet more tears and travail..

  3. Boy, Cindy said it, sometimes I wish that the Lord had given me a more pleasant cup. At least if I am drinking of this stuff on a regular basis, I am in good company.

    Blessings, Hillary, and I look forward to hearing how your book brings encouragement and healing to both daughters and their moms and dads!

    Love you!


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